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Standard Flatfoot for Kawasaki

$ 50.00

Our Standard Flatfoot for Kawasaki was designed as a complimentary mod that provides increased stability and support to the bike, especially for those who park their bike on uneven or soft surfaces. It is an excellent solution for the lack of a center stand. In fact, it is better than a center stand because it is lighter, out of the way, and provides sure footing.

Please select the correct model and year when adding product to your shopping cart. The flatfeet are bike and year specific!

The Flatfoot is made of a black anodized Kaiser Aircraft aluminum. It consists of two parts that are attached to the original foot of the bike’s kickstand by compressing them with four screws. It also has a spring inside, which allows the Flatfoot to adjust to uneven ground surfaces and to the variations of the angle of the welded foot of the original kickstand.

No drilling holes or other modifications to the original stand are needed. Installation or removal takes a minute. All installation hardware is included. Easy assembly instructions provided as well.

Just tighten the screws and use Loctite Threadlocker Blue No 242 with Phillips screws for added security *

*This is a standard recommendation for motorcycle fasteners where vibrations can cause screws to loosen over time. You can purchase Loctite Threadlocker No. 242 from our store. 

The coverage area of the Flatfoot is approximately 7 sq. inches (47 cm/2). It is 3.8 x larger than the coverage of the original foot. All step-by-step installation instructions with photos included.

The Standard Flatfoot may also require an installation of the L-Bracket (excluding the 2015-16 Versys 650 and 2015-17 Versys 1000, which have plenty of clearance) when the clearance between the swing arm and the upper part of the bike's original kickstand foot is less than 3/4" to 1" (19-25 mm), you will need to purchase L-Bracket from our store.

For the bikes with clearance less than 3/4" to 1" (19-25, buy the L-Bracket (allow for 1" clearance, if you prefer to be on a safe side). Please note that models 2011 and newer tend to have less clearance and may require the L-Bracket. The L-Bracket generates the extra clearance that was lost due to the uneven, original weld of the bike's kickstand. It requires simple installation. 

Please check the clearance measurement photo (to your left) on how to take this measurement. 

We are proud of our products and of how well they have been received by the motorcycle community around the world. For more information, product discussions and reviews for our Standard Flatfoot please check Kawasaki Forums or check out the video review by one of our customers.

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