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Lowering Kit V650LT

$ 160.00

Our Lowering Kit for 2015 - 2017 Kawasaki Versys 650 (All models: KLE650EFF, KLE650FFF, KLE650FFFA, KLE650FFFAS, KLE650EFD, KLE650FGF, KLE650FGFAS, KLE650EE1X, KLE650FHF, KLE650FHFA, and LT) was designed by Speedy to seamlessly fit your bike and to provide for easy, smooth installation in your garage.

Each kit comes with easy, step-by-step installation instructions with photos. The main kit body, spacer, and the spring preload adjuster relocator plate are all made out of the 6061-T6 Kaiser Aircraft Aluminum and are black anodized. This makes the kit resistant to corrosion.

Our patented one-piece-body lowering kit design is stronger than a casted gull-wing of the rear suspension of the bike. The lowering kit comes with all the high quality hardware needed for installation as well as the adjuster re-locator with all hardware, and with easy step-by-step installation instructions.

The kit lowers the seat to 31.50” (80 cm), which is 1.50” (38.30 mm) lower than the original seat height. This is the most that the 2015-16 Versys 650 can be lowered.

To reach the maximum lowering effect and to maintain the 2015-17 Versys 650 geometry, front suspension must be lowered after installing our lowering kit.

In addition, to maintain the bike's original tilting angle while in the parking position we recommend shortening the kickstand. The instructions for lowering front suspension are provided as well.

Remember to add as an option our Insert for shortened kickstand (picture to your left). You will need it for shortening the kickstand!

Please note: with the 2015-17 Versys 650 model, you can install the Standard Flatfoot with your shortened kickstand. There is no longer a flatfoot for lowering kit, as it was the case with earlier models.

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