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Lowering Kit KNE65R (Final Sale)

$ 95.00

Our Lowering Kits for Ninja 650, Ninja 650R, ER-6F (European version of Ninja 650/650R), Ninja 400, Ninja 400R, and ER-6N were designed by Speedy to seamlessly fit your bike and to provide for easy, smooth installation in your garage. When you buy the Moto Werk lowering kit you can be sure that you get a superior product. The kit lowers rear suspension by 1" (25 mm), which is the maximum lowering effect allowed without bottoming out the motorcycle's rear suspension.

Please select the correct model and year in your shopping cart. These lowering kits are model and year specific.

We do not have a lowering kit for the new and redesigned 2017 Ninja 650.

Our lowering kit is machined from a one piece high-tensile stainless steel to ensure consistency, rigidity, resistance to corrosion, and superior strength. We do not use regular steel or weld our products ever! The kit comes with the stainless steel main kit body and hex head bolt (button head screw is available as an option), as well as silver anodized mounting spacers.

Installation instructions are provided on our website. Our website also contains instructions on lowering front suspension, which is recommended to maintain bike's original geometry. We also recommend shortening the kickstand in order to maintain the original kickstand leaning angle. This will require a purchase of our Flatfoot for Lowering Kit.

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