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Lowering Kit for Versys 650 Flatfoot

$ 59.00

The Flatfoot for Lowering Kit for Versys 650 (2007-09 & 2010-14 Model Years) is made of a black anodized Kaiser Aircraft aluminum.

Please select the correct model year in your shopping cart as the flatfeet are model and year specific.

It consists of two parts - a custom foot peg and a bottom plate, which are screwed together to the bike’s kickstand.

In the 2007-2009 model, the top foot peg piece is tapered to perfectly fit the bike's original kickstand, which prevents any rattling. 

The 2010-2014 model's top foot peg piece has been designed to precisely fit the new and thicker 2010-2014 Versys kickstand, which again prevents any rattling. 

Assembly with provided screws takes only minutes. Just tighten the screws and use Loctite Threadlocker Blue No 242 with Phillips screws for added security *

*This is a standard recommendation for motorcycle fasteners where vibrations can cause screws to loosen over time. You can purchase Loctite Threadlocker 0.5 ml capsule from our store.

This Flatfoot replaces the bike’s original foot peg after shortening the kickstand, which is recommended with the Lowering Kit installation.

Please follow the lowering kit installation instructions on how to shorten the kickstand before attaching our flatfoot for lowering kit. All installation hardware is included.

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