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Speedy Pegs for Yamaha

$ 145.00

Yamaha Speedy Pegs Lowering Kit for 2007-2009 Yamaha FZ6 and 2010-2012 Yamaha FZ-6R allows for lowering and precision adjustment – with 12 positions - of the front foot pegs for a fraction of the price of the rear sets.

Custom made out of the clear anodized Kaiser Aircraft aluminum. Our Speedy Pegs kit consists of the adapter mount, extension arm, and a custom foot peg. It comes in several combinations to choose from.

Available with extension arms of 1.3” or 1.0” and with foot pegs of 4.0” or 3.5” long. Choose from available options for your bike and build your front foot peg lowering kit according to your preferences.

Based on your choice of the extension arm, the foot pegs can be lowered by up to 1.3” (33 mm) or 1” (25 mm), depending on the length and the tilt position of the extension arm.

By tilting the extension arm, you can increase or decrease the distance between the brake lever and the shifter in order to accommodate longer or shorter feet. This in turn will improve the comfort of your ride.

Moto Werk’s Speedy Pegs offer adjustable foot peg positioning and improve the forward weight bias by moving the foot pegs downward and backwards. Most of the riders will use the Speedy Pegs to lower their foot peg position; however our peg kit can also be used to raise the foot pegs.

Great for track and street use. Our Speedy Pegs have a serrated foot peg surface for a superior grip. Another advantage of our foot pegs is that they retain the action of the spring-loading mechanism of the motorcycle’s original foot pegs.

The Speedy Pegs kit comes with 2 adaptor mounts, 2 extension arms, 2 foot pegs, and all the hardware and installation instructions. Replacement and additional parts are available by contacting us.

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