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Antivibration Handlebar Riser Versys 650

$ 134.00

Our Anti-Vibration Handlebar Riser for Versys 650 (2007-09 & 2010-14 Model Years), custom designed by Speedy, increases the handlebar height by 1-1/16 inches (27 mm), and provides for an improved and more comfortable riding experience by reducing the handlebar vibrations. Results may vary, depending on the bike. As an added benefit, it also removes the buzz from the bike's mirrors.

The Moto Werk Anti-Vibration Handlebar Riser was custom designed and CNC-machined to perfectly match the existing shape of Versys. It is made from Kaiser Aircraft Aluminum that has been anodized. Available in silver and black.

All the excessive material has been removed during machining process to minimize any additional weight to the bike. These risers are custom pre-loaded to specific dampening parameters. Do not disassemble them or take them apart.

As with all of our products, you can expect only the best quality with this anti-vibration Versys handlebar riser, which comes with smooth beveled edges throughout.

Installation is a snap, and can be previewed here installation instructions. The anti-vibration handlebar riser comes fully assembled. No modifications of brake lines or cables necessary.

For reviews for our anti-vibration handlebar riser go to US Versys Forum.

For a video test of our anti-vibration handlebar risers by a Weljo2001, please go to YouTube.

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