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Honda Lowering Foot Pegs Kit 2013-21 (Final Sale)

$ 74.00

The 2013-2021 Honda CB500X/F front lowering foot peg blocks are made of clear anodized Kaiser Aircraft aluminum and come as a complete kit - with the brake lever adjustment sub-plate as well as detailed installation instructions. Our products will fit ONLY 2013 to 2021 Honda CB500X/F models.

Our lowering foot peg blocks come as a pair of left and right, with “L” and “R” clearly engraved on them and lower the front foot pegs straight down by 1.3" (33 mm).

As with all of our products, the Moto Werk’s Honda lowering foot peg blocks are made to the highest quality standards of design, materials, machining, testing, and hardware. 

When the blocks are installed, the foot pegs will remain horizontal, so your feet will not slide off them.  Once installed, you should notice immediate improvement in the comfort of your riding position, especially if comes to getting rid of the knee pain.

The lowering foot pegs blocks are quite stout, so they can take up to 185 Lb load each; however, standing with your full body weight on one foot peg is not recommended. All installation hardware is included.

Please see the installation instructions before fitting the lowering blocks into the foot pegs. Do not force the lowering blocks into the pegs, as they are being installed from the side, as shown in our online instructions. You may also check our FAQ Technical Questions section for the up-close installation photos.

We are proud of our products and of how well they have been received by the motorcycle community around the world.

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